EFFECTEGY's Digitalization Roadmap makes it clear where to invest first. Engaging experts throughout your organization and considering marketplace innovation, EFFECTEGY carries out a comprehensive assessment of your current technology:

Phase 1: System Health Check

Engaging leaders across the business function, EFFECTEGY uses in-depth interviews to understand the costs of the status quo to the organization. We ask questions such as:

Phase 2: Solution Ratings

Informed by the System Health Check, EFFECTEGY will develop a solutions inventory and systems map depicting integration points. Each system is rated independently by EFFECTEGY and validated by your leaders, using the following criteria:

What is the criticality of this class of solutions to our business?

What is the functionality of of our current technology coverage (relative to marketplace solutions)?

What is the integration with other solutions?

What is the IT dependency for maintaining this solution?

These ratings reveal the potential to release people from manual, transactional efforts to value-add services that will fuel your organization's growth.  

Phase 3: Investment Roadmap

EFFECTEGY will sequence technology investments into a logical roadmap that considers dependencies, budget and change load.