How do we set up our teams to be more responsive and scalable?

Experience in Organizational Reviews

Reorganizing to Achieve Results in a Member Services Org

Doctors of BC engaged EFFECTegy to review the effectiveness of its organizational design for member experience and its long-term strategy. Working closely with VPs and Directors, we redesigned the team structure and completed job design and talent calibration for over 100 roles to improve  role differentiation and elevate efficiency and effectiveness through Centres of Excellence. 

Building an Executive Team for Hyper-Growth NPO

Any company experiencing rapid growth (<15% per year) is likely to reach an inflection point where they need to scale their leadership team. CMHA BC sought EFFECTegy's advice after several years of hyper growth (50% per year). EFFECTegy reviewed its structure relative to best practice organizational design as well as structures of leading federated NPOs.  Together with the CEO, EFFECTegy prioritized and designed two executive roles for investment, and provided the Board with succession management recommendations.