Our Purpose

EFFECTegy has a simple but clear purpose: to help our clients and our people earn the admiration of their stakeholders.  

Our Vision

Our purpose is supported by our vision: to exemplify a purpose-led consulting model that balances company growth with consultant wellbeing and value for our clients.  

We want to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do – including our own service model. 

Other consulting firms call it low-leverage. We call it a triple win.

By balancing the time of senior-level advisors with new consultants we create more value for our clients, growth and wellbeing at work for young people, and grow our micro-enterprise.

Clients benefit from the guidance of senior-level advisors, not only to close the deal but throughout every step of the engagement.

We offer Advisory Service Grants to non-profits

Entry-level consultants gain more 1:1 coaching and training from senior-level advisors. That helps us deliver higher value.

Learn more about our Mentorship Program

Our firm grows through repeat clients and referrals. Spending less energy to acquire new clients allows us to do more for the clients we already have.